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Kyanite blades

An Official Field Trip of the Mid-Ga Gem & Mineral Society (Macon, GA) (HOST)
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Saturday, March 10, 2018
Clarkesville, GA
10:00 AM Eastern (9 am Central)

Fee: $10 per person

TRIP: This site is located in a band of kyanite bearing material. The material has been moved around so the kyanite is not in situ. Small blades are easy to find, but digging and some perseverance is required to find the larger specimens. This site is a fun and productive site for all ages. 

COLLECTING: Kyanite blades and cobbles, small mica books, and graphite specimens (rare). The kyanite ranges from gray to pale blue and may contain graphite. Some of the blades can be polished and, because of the graphite, they have a curious depth and shimmer when they are polished.

FEE: $10 per person

BRING: Small blades can be found weathering out onto the surface. Bigger blades and cobbles are found by digging 8” to 24” deep. You will need scratching tools and baggies for surface collecting, and a shovel and pick for digging. All holes must be refilled. This site can be muddy at times, so a change of clothes would be good too.

FACILITIES: There are no bathroom facilities at the site, but there is a McDonald’s Restaurant in Clarksville and also restrooms at a public park a few miles from where we will be collecting.

CHILDREN: This field trip is suitable for children but they must be supervised at all times.

PETS: Because this is a working farm, pets are not allowed.

SAFETY: There are electrified fences on the farm so do not touch any fences. Field trip leads will open and close gates. This is a working farm and there may be animals present – do not approach any of the animals. Do not enter pastures where animals are present.

We will be meeting at 10:00 am Eastern time

Ingles Market (the only Ingles in Clarkesville)
199 East Louise Street (US Old/Historical 441)
Clarkesville, GA 30523

Coordinates: 34.603124,-83.517801

CONTACT: Jay Batcha: cell: 478-957-5002,  home: 478-784-1965

Kyanite cobble and blades